Waterville Creates!
93 Main Street Suite 201
Waterville , ME 04901
Phone: 207-616-0292
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-3pm
Email: info@watervillecreates.org

Waterville Creates! is a non-profit promoting, supporting, and growing greater Waterville’s arts and cultural scene. Collaborating with regional arts and culture institutions and their supporters, together we are strengthening our community as a vibrant arts hub, increasing access to creative opportunities for all, and advancing community and economic development by shining a spotlight on greater Waterville’s deep cultural heritage and diverse art scene. Experience the Arts in Waterville through Waterville Creates!

Waterville Creates! Partners:

The Colby College Museum of Art

Maine Film Center

Waterville Main Street

Waterville Opera House

Waterville Public Library

Waterville Opera House
Maine Film Center