By Maine Laser Skin Care | Oct 01, 2018
Photo by: Dan Burke

While supplies last, Maine Laser Skin Care is offering our own Nutra Fill for just $30, which is 40% off its original price.  You can purchase this 1.7 oz. pump bottle by stopping by our Augusta office or by visiting our website.  However, once we run out of Nutra Fill, it's gone, so stock up while we still have it!

Product Description

    This "topical filler" product will smooth skin surface to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles after a single application!
    While Juvederm and other injectable fillers fill in wrinkles from the inside out, the new NutraFill NMF Booster fills in wrinkles from the outside in. NMF stands for Natural Moisturizing Factor which is a collection of water-trapping compounds found in the outer surface of young healthy skin. The NMF components absorb water from the atmosphere and combine it with your own water content to keep the skin well hydrated despite exposure to the drying elements of sun and low humidity.
    When NMF content is reduced in the skin, multiple skin complications can occur including rough skin, flaking and wrinkles. Changes from summer to winter alone can cause decreases in NMF in the skin. Using NutraFill NMF Booster can target the problem areas and replace the naturally occurring moisturizing components at the surface of the skin.
    Because NutraFill NMF Booster is the culmination of advanced dermatologic research, it needs to stay on the skin for 30 minutes or less to produce visible improvements. On the face, apply NutraFill evenly over the area while avoiding the eyes and it will form a transparent film. This film can be left on for 10-30 minutes and then rinsed off thoroughly. On the neck and chest, NutraFill can be applied for longer, 30-60 minutes, to make those areas look more youthful as well. Always follow the use of NutraFill with a sunscreen moisturizer.


  • Acts like a topical filler to reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • After one use, your skin will appear firmer, smoother and healthier.
  • Continued use provides prolonged hydrating effects to smooth and soften skin.
  • Minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections, roughness and dullness.

How To Use:

    Apply an ample amount to cleansed skin. If a thin coat of product is applied (as on lips, all over face, and neck), Nutra Fill can be left on for whole day. If thicker layer is desired (as you would do to minimize the appearance of deeper creases), product should be washed off after 15-30 minutes. Use this product once or twice a day. When used at bedtime, apply after other nighttime products, to your face and neck. Also can be mixed to 1 drop of Vita Soothe with 2 pumps of Nutra Fill. Apply to face prior to moisturizer.