Cold Feet & Legs

By Myfootsie | Nov 19, 2018

Myfootsie is lined with flannel for the ultimate in warmth and comfort! Blankets and socks might be cozy, but they don’t keep your feet warm enough. That’s because they don’t trap heat as well as Myfootsie does. Our foot and leg warmers are lined with soft flannel in a variety of designs and colors. And the matching satin exterior traps your body’s natural heat.

Available in several different colors, each flannel pattern offered by Myfootsie is as unique as you are. Buy a different pattern for each member of your family or get a matching set for everyone.

You can mix and match as much as you want and be stylish while you do it!

Made in Maine by Maine Stitching.

Discover how easily Myfootsie can fit into your life. Myfootsie is lightweight, easy to fold, and perfect at home or on the go. Call 207-213-4136 to place your order or head to our Etsy or Amazon shops.