Cold Weather is here... Cold feet and legs?  We have the solution!

By Myfootsie | Oct 26, 2018
Available in several different colors, each flannel pattern offered by Myfootsie is as unique as you are.

Myfootsie uses your own body heat to keep your feet warm and cozy. No electricity, batteries, microwave, or preheating needed.  The smooth satin exterior makes Myfootsie easy to move between the cold sheets at night and helps lock-in heat. The soft lightweight polyester insulation warms your feet naturally, and the soft flannel-lining interior is warm and comfortable to the touch. You can move your feet into and out of Myfootsie as needed without effort.

Myfootsie is light, reversible, portable, compacts easily, and can be taken with you anywhere. The zipper can be opened part way to use as a lower leg warmer or completely unzipped and used as a shoulder wrap. Try Myfootsie in your cold office, on an airplane, or outside at a soccer, football, or hockey game. There are thousands of ways to use Myfootsie. Made in Maine by Maine Stitching.

Available for purchase at The Cat Hospital at 605 Western Avenue in Augusta. When purchased at The Cat Hospital you will receive the special price of $32.00 ..20% off the price of base price $39.95.

Need the item shipped? Visit our website myfootsie. Also available for purchase at Etsy or Amazon shops.