New RV Tank Blaster Blasts Crud!

New Thetford Tank Blaster

The new Thetford Tank Blaster blasts crud from RV and Marine tanks walls and cleans sensors!  The cherry scented super-concentrated enzymatic blend works overnight with a "Micro-Foam" action and works in hardwater.  One packet will clean up to a 50 gallon holding tank.  A great product for seasonal campers who are not able to agitate the inside of their grey and black water holding tanks.   The Tank Blaster is designed to be used after the waste water tanks and been drained and rinsed to help prevent a chemical reaction with non-enzymatic waste digesters/deordorizers.  With regular use, Tank Blaster works effectively to help prevent malodors and build-up on tank walls from waste, tissue, soap scum and grease that cause sensor malfunction.