On Sale- Acne Control System

By Maine Laser Skin Care | Feb 09, 2019
Photo by: Denise Roy Gidney

For the entire month of February, Maine Laser Skin Care is offering our own Acne Control System for just $80, which is 20% off its original price.  You can purchase this kit by stopping by our Augusta office or by visiting our website.

Product Description

The Acne Control System is a skin care kit formulated based on the best clinical evidence available in the field of acne management.  These products are medical grade, and are available to purchase only from doctor's office and medical spa settings.

The kit consists of the following items:

1.)  Salicylic Face And Body Wash–  Unclogs pores by enhancing removal of dead skin cells and any dirt or makeup that may plug up your pores.  The coconut oil portion balances moisture levels so your skin will appear more smooth and less irritated.

2.)  Glycolic Gel–  Exfoliates deeper into the pores by using 10% glycolic acid.  Also includes peptides and marine extracts that provide moisture to the skin, while helping to improve elasticity and lessen redness of fresh acne scars.

3.)  Green Tea Antioxidant Serum–  Decreases the inflammation caused by the acne breakout process.  This process by itself helps to correct the hyperpigmentation, or darkness, caused by acne scarring, and decreases the redness of more recent acne activity.  This serum also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which again help to hydrate the skin and improve skin texture around acne breakouts.

4.) Acne Spot Treatment–  Reduces swelling and redness of newly developed breakouts.  A dab of this product on an inflammed area can quickly relieve swelling and inflammation within the skin, making it less likely that you will be tempted to pop or pick at a pimple.  As a result, there is less risk of scarring.  People who regularly use this product alone frequently tell us that a dab of Acne Spot Treatment on early breakouts at bedtime results in improved appearance of those areas overnight.

A person with severe cases of acne who uses this system on a regular basis will experience the following:

  • their enlarged pores will be minimized
  • their whiteheads and blackheads will resolve significantly
  • facial redness will be lessened
  • their acne scars will be lightened