On Sale- Age Reverse System

By Maine Laser Skin Care | Dec 02, 2017
Photo by: Denise Gidney

For the entire month of December, Maine Laser Skin Care is offering our own Age Reverse System for just $120, which is 20% off our regular price!  This unique kit can only be found at our store on 12 Shuman Avenue in Augusta, and can also be purchased through our online store.

Also, as an added bonus, shipping on this product and all other product is FREE from now through December 31, 2017.  Happy Holidays!


The Age Reverse System is a skin care kit that corrects and prevents visible signs of aging for anyone who uses this unique combination of skin care products.  Among patients who first used this product:

  • 87% of patients saw improvements in their lines and wrinkles
  • 80% saw more even skin tone and improvements in their brown spots
  • 93% noticed improvement in skin smoothness
  • 87% saw lessening in redness

The System includes:

  • Chamomile Cleanser (1 Bottle, 6 fl. oz.)
  • C-Stem (1 Bottle, 6 fl. oz.)
  • Ultra Benefits Moisturizer (1 Container, 1.7 fl. oz.)