On Sale- Green Tea Antioxidant Serum

By Maine Laser Skin Care | Jan 06, 2019
Photo by: Denise Roy Gidney

For the entire month of January, Maine Laser Skin Care is offering our own Green Tea Antioxidant Serum for just $52, which is 20% off its original price.  You can purchase this 1 oz. pump bottle by stopping by our Augusta office or by visiting our website.

Product Description

Green Tea Antioxidant Serum offers:

  • Oxygen-free radical protection
  • Skin tone rebalancing
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Protection of skin from damage to the extracellular matrix, including collagen and elastin.


  • Exclusive Intensely Bio-Available Green Tea
  • Potent Vitamin E Antioxidant
  • Hyaluronic Acid

This exclusive bio-available green tea serum provides visible improvement in skin's appearance due to the high level of actives within our green tea.  The conventional extraction process for green tea leaves behind many of the most beneficial molecules in the green tea leaf.

Our exclusive process captures the intracellular organelles of the green tea, so that all the beneficial molecules are extracted and proven to be bioavailable.  When applied to the skin, the serum produces clinical improvement in skin appearance and texture.

This formula is soothing and calming for sensitive skin, including rosacea, acne, sunburn and shaving irritations.  It can be successfully incorporated into skin fading regimens, including for under-eye circles due to the Vitamin K content of the green tea.

Also, research shows that green tea provides comparable results in clearing acne as compared with benzoyl peroxide with no irritation or contraindications.

How to Use:

After cleansing face apply a small amount to face before moisturizer morning & night.